Justice – the comedian

02May2018-excerptYesterday midnight I had a TMJ dislocation … . Being prone to the disorder since childhood … always feared the dis-configuration it results in what I feel and see … but this time it was real bad.

With timely intervention all was set back to normalcy by the expert god-sent physician. But then the harrowing five hours shook me more this time … with my philosophical mind asking hundred and one questions as and when I went through the extreme pain created by the spasm… the questions about death, body, pain, flimsy structures of the body, and the mind caught in it … and what small fries we are all finally … struggling with a body that nature’s evolution has not perfected … made with hinges, few pumps, and brain mechanisms which are not understood at all as to how it creates the seamless scenery of experience in front of us.

The previous time I had a muscle spasm that affected bodily movement, I doubted the very capacity to be embodied… of my “I-sense”.

Is the body just to the mind we have? The mind that believes and dreams and falsely caught in “everything is great” feeling, otherwise. The jolt that body gives to the mind, like a ruthless comedian … makes us laugh at our own limits and tenderness.

But then, is there something called true justice – it is caught in the complexity of varieties of reasons weaved in by the people involved, through power structures designed by the body-mind. We justify … though often are not just to the other … But then that is the mockery created by the secretive nexus of the body-mind complex, through the individual and communities …

Who are we? This is the fundamental question we answer incrementally as we live and build our lives. The answer always stays inconclusive and a work in progress, except for the power it generates each time we redefine our embodiment, and blesses us with the life changing gifts of compassion, empathy to be with the other … To go past the challenges offered by the body and even the mind, and embrace something which is beyond… but then our petty minds still try to verbalise what is that Beyond without knowing words have no entry there … 🙂


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