Can we think of the unknown? 

"Healing Eyes" by Sangeetha Menon
“Healing Eyes” Sketch by Sangeetha Menon

Or even better, can we know the unknown? To ask what is the unknown itself at times is a question that baffles our ability to know.

We see, We smell, We touch, We hear, We feel… Yes, Feeling is the ultimate marker for our knowledge. What we know is transferred in our actions, coloured by our experiences, into our attitudes, our values, perceptions, world view and personality.

What we are is what we know! Is that right?
What we do not know also marks our personality in myriad ways.
Fear, Curiosity, a spirit for Adventure, the Quest for Exploration, Humility, Submission, Inclusion, and finally, a settlement in Self-reflection.

Our views are balanced by our sense of knowledge, and sense of what we do not know. Often the latter is forgotten, though it covers the larger space of human life.

Can we know the Unknown? How? By the same way we have known the Known?

There comes the irony! The ways to the Unknown is not the path trodden for the Known.
The eyes that open to see has to close, the skin that touched to feel has to retrieve, the mind that craves to discriminate has to settle without the binary…

The knowledge that comes through the Unknown is not a piece of data, but a shaft that breaks the shackles of our identity, strikes the self-imposed limits on our perceptions, and poses that important question – What is it to know? Who is the Knower?

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