Today I was reading an article on autism and how different an autistic mind could be!

And there was a mention about definitions – how the dictionary definitions of words are different from the true definitions of those very words that we experience in our lives.

So true!
The so called ‘objective understanding’ asks us to look for dictionary meanings.
But then do we really understand them, except for a cognitive reason?

We give meaning and receive the meaning of a word through our experience, through our emotions, through our interactions. So in a sense, meanings cannot be found in dictionaries, but in our daily social, emotional and cultural lives.

How do we we bridge that gap we live with – a need for objectivity, of branded norms, of belief in systems that are abstract and mechanistic; and a need for experience, to touch and feel the Truth, to know through feelings, to deeply believe in our inner self?

Well, life and living, is a constant endeavour to bridge this gap …

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